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Modular Dungeon: Monastery Halls Released!
Introducing highly detailed pack of modular dungeon pieces and various set dressing objects. With these assets you can quickly create dungeon levels.

These assets work best if you are creating a first-person dungeon crawler. Assets are highly optimized and were made using Universal Render Pipeline (URP). You can easily convert them to HDRP or built-in render pipeline if needed.

Modular Dungeon: Monastery Halls

Key Features

  • 2 Corridor and room piece sizes,
  • 22 Unique dungeon pieces to create an unique medieval monastery dungeon level,
  • 49 Additional dressing drag & drop prefabs, from light sources to various obstacles,
  • Optimized colliders,
  • Created and compatible with Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

Included Assets

Large chamber, Medium chamber (5x), Medium corridor (3x), Medium curved corridor (3x), Medium curved straight stairs, Medium plug (2x), Medium Door(1), Medium to large adapter with door (1x), Small chamber (2x), Small corridor (1x), Small curved corridor (2x), Small Stairs(3), Small plug (1x), Candle (4x), Candle flame particles (1x), Melted together group of candles (1x), Standing candlestick (2x), Wall mounted candlestick (1x), Small Candlestick (2x), Chandelier (1x), Window (4x), Tileable carpet (5x), Altar, Banner, Bench, Cage with opening door, Jug (2x), Barrel, Bucket, Chair (2x), Chest with openable lid, Small crate, Large crate, Table, Armor stand (2), Weapon stand(2), Sarcophagus, Book case (2), Book (3x), Armor, Helmet, Sword

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