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Stylized Customizable Avatar Released!
For the past few months we have been working hard on the latest asset pack - Stylized Customizable Avatars - which was successfully released on Unity Asset Store and CGTrader!

Introducing stylized customizable avatars. Customize body and face, use various combinations of clothing items to create unique stylized avatars. Included support for Mixamo animations, Viseme Blend Shapes, Blinking, Expressions and much more.

Key Features

  • Two Gender Support - male & female
  • Presets: load and save any customization settings
  • 8 Editable Body Parameters - body height, body fat, body muscle, skin, nails, eye, eye lashes, brow
  • 4 Editable Hair Parameters - hair style, hair material, facial hair style, facial hair material
  • 22 Editable Face Parameters:
    • Nose: width, length, height, bridge and tilt
    • Mouth: width, lips width, jaw width, chin width, chin protrusion and chin cleft
    • Brow: width, height, protrusion, thickness and curve
    • Eyes: cheeks, eye size and eye closed default
    • Ears: size, flare and pointiness
  • 5 Editable Expression Parameters - anger, disgust, fear, joy and sadness, API included. Can be mixmatched
  • 5 Clothing Item Slots
    • Hat - 5 items with 29 total variations
    • Top (body) - 10 items with 51 total variations
    • Bottom (pants) - 9 items with 45 total variations
    • Shoes - 6 items with 29 total variations
    • Glasses - 10 items with 240 total variations
  • 80 Blendshapes that you can access
  • Blinking Support with Gaze target
  • Viseme Support - added blend shapes that control mouth movement, compatible with Oculus Lipsync
  • Intuitive Custom Editor
  • Included Demo Scenes:
    • EditorScene: Edit any body, face or clothing item parameters in play mode
    • LocomotionScene: Scene with an avatar that has a basic locomotion animator attached to it, use W, A, S, D to control the animator.
    • ScriptingScene: Scene with demo script attached to it which demonstrates API usage.
    • AvatarsScene: Dancing avatars
  • Easily Modifiable - add your own clothing items or variations, most of the items are intuitive scriptable objects included with materials that you can edit
  • API/Scripting:
    • Randomization - randomize body or face parameters + randomize clothing items using a seed,
    • Change any parameter and call UpdateCustomization() method to apply the settings.
    • Load and save presets from a text asset or a config string.
    • Change clothing items via scripting.
    • Expressions API - set avatar expression via scripting, e.g. avatar.SetExpression(AvatarExpression.Anger);
  • Unity humanoid compatible
  • Mixamo animations support


  • Textures sizes: 1k - 4k
  • PBR Materials
  • Avatar (naked): ~18k polys
  • Avatar (all dressed): ~35k polys


  • Made with Unity 2021 LTS but works with earlier/later versions,
  • Built-in RP + Universal Render Pipeline (URP) support.

Try web demos!
Itch.IO - Stylized Customizable Avatar Demo
Unity Play - Stylized Customizable Avatar Demo

Get Stylized Customizable Avatars from
Unity Asset Store
CGTrader - Male version
CGTrader - Female version

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