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Low-Poly Nature Pack Documentation

Introducing new hand crafted low-poly nature pack that includes everything you need to create beautiful low-poly enviroments featuring snow variants, optimized for mobile with low vertex count, including only one material with shared texture. Swap model colors with 4 included texture presets or create your own color pallete.


  • 59 unique models with snow variations, total of 104 model variations,
  • Drag & drop premade prefabs,
  • 4 color pallete presets or create a custom color pallete,
  • 3 demo scenes to get you started,
  • All models share only one material, optimal for mobile game development,
  • Documentation

1. Getting Started

All low-poly assets are stored in the Prefabs folder where you can find different categories as subfolders. Prefabs are ready to be drag & dropped into your scene. You can also use prefabs to procedurally spawn them since prefab pivot points are carefully selected.

If you want to all the assets check the Scenes folder where you can find 3 different demonstration scenes:

  • AssetsScene: All available assets in one scene
  • SimpleScene: Simple composition scene
  • SnowScene: Simple composition scene with snow meshes enabled

2. Toggling Snow

Some low-poly models include snow mesh variant. This is true for all trees, tree trunks, rocks and rock slabs models. To enable snow mesh open the prefab and enable its snow child.

3. Color Palletes

All assets share only one material which is optimal for mobile performance. This also enabled us to allow multiple color palletes for Low-Poly Nature Pack assets.
To check or change current color pallete select included PNLPMaterial (select any prefab and find its material) and change the albedo texture. There are 4 included color pallets with this pack. Textures can be found in Textures folder:

  • PNLPTexturePrimary
  • PNLPTexturePastel
  • PNLPTextureAutmn
  • PNLPTextureOutlandish

To create a custom pallete, duplicate any existing pallete and open it in any image manipulation software (e.g Gimp or Photoshop). Select new color pallete in PNLPMaterial and edit the pallete. Change any of the pixels, export the texture and check the results in the editor.