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Retro Apartment and Furniture Pack Documentation

Introducing the Retro Apartment and Furniture Pack! This asset pack contains a collection of retro-style furniture and objects that can be found in an apartment. It includes 202 various prefabs, including furniture, decor, and smaller objects. The pack features five key rooms in an apartment: a hallway, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living room, all complete with furniture and smaller details. Additionally, a closed balcony is included. The retro style is inspired by Eastern European and Yugoslavian design from the 1970s and 1980s. All prefabs are optimized with custom mesh colliders and are compatible with the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

Key Features

  • 209 Various Prefabs (see detailed list below)
  • 5 Key Rooms in the Apartment, all furnished with furniture and smaller details:
    • Hallway: commode, closet, hanger, radiator, shoes, etc.
    • Bedroom: bed, nightstand, closet, drawer, desk, flower pot, armchair, floor lamp, etc.
    • Bathroom: bathtub, sink, toilet, washing machine, cabinet, cleaning products, etc.
    • Living Room, Kitchen and Dining Room: sofa, armchair, coffee table, display case, TV unit, living room plant, picture frames, dining room table, bench, chairs, radio, kitchen counter with sink, oven with stove, refrigerator, kitchen accessories and food, etc.
    • Closed Balcony: shelves, stool, bottles, porcelain decor, etc.
  • Almost all prefabs are interactive, with carefully set pivots:
    • Curtains can be drawn or opened,
    • Doors, drawers, cabinets, and the refrigerator can be opened or closed,
    • Light switches have an interactable button,
    • And much more!
  • Includes custom example interaction scripts.
  • Also includes an Interactive Scene.
  • Optimized custom mesh colliders.
  • High-resolution textures, up to 4k.
  • Created and compatible with the Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

Try the demos here:

WEBGL WEB BUILD (no post-fx, low-res textures)

WINDOWS BUILD DOWNLOAD (post-fx, high-res textures)

1.0. Getting Started

All prefabs can be found in the Prefabs folder. Other set dressing prefabs are located in their respective folders. These prefabs can be easily added to your scene by dragging and dropping them. Be sure to check out the demo scenes located in the Scenes folder as well.

1.1. Detailed Contents

Name Quantity Room
Alarm Clock 1 Bedroom
Armchair with Stool 1 Livingroom
Ashtray 1 Livingroom
Balcony Curtain 1 Closed Balcony
Balcony Door 1 Closed Balcony
Balcony Shelf 1 Closed Balcony
Balcony Stool 1 Closed Balcony
Balcony String Curtain 1 Closed Balcony
Balcony Wall Shelves 2 Closed Balcony
Balcony Walls 1 Closed Balcony
Balcony Window 1 Closed Balcony
Bathroom Cabinet 1 Bathroom
Bathroom Wall Light 1 Bathroom
Bathtub 1 Bathroom
Bed 1 Bedroom
Bedroom Drawer 1 Bedroom
Boiler 1 Bathroom
Books 4 Livingroom
Bottles 3 Livingroom
Box File 1 Livingroom
Bread Saver 1 Kitchen
Calendar 1 Livingroom
Carpet 6 Various
Ceiling 1 Various
Ceiling Light 6 Various
Chair 2 Dining Room
Cleaning Products 3 Bathroom
Clock 1 Various
Closet 1 Bedroom
Coffee Table 1 Livingroom
Commode 1 Hallway
Corner Table 1 Livingroom
Counter 1 Kitchen
Counter with Sink 1 Kitchen
Counter with Drawers 1 Kitchen
Counter with Shelves 1 Livingroom
Cup 1 Kitchen
Curtain 1 Various
Desk 1 Bedroom
Dining Room Bench 1 Dining Room
Dining Room Wall 1 Dining Room
Dining Room Table 1 Dining Room
Display Case 1 Livingroom
Door Frame 1 Various
Doors 2 Various
Entrance Doors 1 Various
Food Prefabs 17 Kitchen
Flask 1 Livingroom
Flower Pot 1 Various
Hallway Closet 1 Hallway
Hallway Walls 1 Hallway
Hanger 1 Hallway
Jug 1 Livingroom
Kitchen Accessories 16 Kitchen
Kitchen Backsplash 1 Kitchen
Kitchen and Livingroom Walls 1 Kitchen
Laundry Hamper 1 Bathroom
Magazines 2 Livingroom
Mirror 1 Bathroom
Mirror Shelf 1 Bathroom
Monstera Plant 1 Livingroom
Nightstand Light 1 Bedroom
Nightstand 1 Bedroom
Ottoman 2 Livingroom
Outlet 1 Various
Oven with Stove 1 Kitchen
Paper Towel 1 Kitchen
Picture Frames 3 Livingroom
Pillow 2 Bedroom
Plastic Basin 1 Bathroom
Plunger 1 Bathroom
Radiator 3 Hallway, Livingroom, Bathroom
Radio 1 Livingroom
Refrigerator 1 Kitchen
Rubber Ducky 1 Bathroom
Shampoo Bottles 2 Bathroom
Shelf Bathroom Set 5 Bathroom
Single Cabinet 1 Livingroom
Sink 1 Bathroom
Slides 1 Bathroom
Slippers 1 Bedroom
Smaller Armchair 1 Livingroom
Soap 1 Bathroom
Sofa 1 Livingroom
Sponge 1 Kitchen
Standing Floor Lamp 2 Various
String Curtain 1 Livingroom
Suitcase 1 Bedroom
Switch 1 Various
Table Cloth 5 Dining Room
Tall Cabinet 1 Livingroom
Telephone 1 Livingroom
Tin Boxes 3 Kitchen
Toilet 1 Bathroom
Toilet Brush 1 Bathroom
Toilet Paper 1 Bathroom
Toilet Paper Holder 1 Bathroom
Toothbrush 1 Bathroom
Toothbrush Cup 1 Bathroom
Toothpaste 1 Bathroom
Towel Hook 1 Bathroom
Towel Rack 1 Bathroom
Trash Bin 2 Kitchen
TV 1 Livingroom
TV Unit 1 Livingroom
Umbrella Stand 1 Hallway
Universal Pillows 3 Livingroom
Upper Cabinet 1 Kitchen
Upper Glass Cabinet 1 Livingroom
Vases 2 Livingroom
Ventilation Hood 1 Kitchen
Wall Hanger 1 Livingroom
Washing Machine 1 Bathroom
Window 1 Various
Working Boots 1 Hallway
Wooden Stool 1 Livingroom

2.0. URP and HDRP Material Conversion (optional)

If your project is configured to use the Universal Render Pipeline, you can easily upgrade your materials by going to Edit -> Render Pipeline -> Universal Render Pipeline -> Upgrade Project Materials to Universal-RP Materials. This will convert all materials to be used with URP.

Similarly, if your project is configured to use the High Definition Render Pipeline, you can upgrade your materials by navigating to Edit -> Render Pipeline -> Upgrade from Built-in Pipeline -> Upgrade Project Materials to High Definition Materials. This will convert all materials to be used with HDRP.

To enable URP or HDRP, download it via the Package Manager.

3.0. Interaction Scripts

This package includes two interaction scripts, which serve as guides for setting up an interactive scene:

  • InteractionQuery.cs: Place this component on your camera or a box collider that will serve as a trigger for all interactions. See the demo scene for an example of how to set this up. This script checks for nearby colliders that have the InteractionBehaviour component attached and selects the nearest one.
  • InteractionBehaviour.cs: Place this component on any prefab you want to make interactive. Make sure to set the initial interaction state (e.g. if the light is on, the interaction state should be on; if the doors are open, the interaction state should be on, etc.). There are currently 5 supported interactions:
    • Light: Make sure to add Light Object, Emission Renderer, and Switch Transform references.
    • Door: Set the target game object and open rotation (eulers), used for doors and cabinets.
    • Curtains: Set the target to a skinned mesh renderer; no further setup needed.
    • Slide Out: Set slide end position (in local space), used for drawers.
    • Toggle Pulsating: Used with alarm clocks; it toggles the target game object on and off every 0.5 seconds.

4.0. Support

Please write us to [email protected] for any additional information or support.

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