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Stylized Cabin in the Woods Pack Documentation

Introducing highly detailed stylized pack of cabins with various props. Use these assets to easily create and furnish log cabins in nature settings. These assets are best used in FPS games in open world levels. Assets are optimized and were made using Universal Render Pipeline (URP). You can easily convert them to HDRP or built-in render pipeline if needed.

1.0. Key Features

  • 3 different Cabin sizes,
  • Shed and Outhouse included,
  • 100 Various prefabs included:
    • Light sources (e.g. Lanterns, Fire Pit, Candles),
    • Cabin furnishings (e.g. Different, Windows, Table, Bedside table, Bed, Chest, Rocking Chair),
    • Kitchen props (e.g. Cauldron, Kettle, Cast Iron Pan)
    • Outdoor props (e.g. Fence, Logs, Tree, Grass Textures)
    • Various tools (e.g. Hammer, Scythe, Saw, broom, Dustpan),
  • Optimized custom mesh colliders,
  • Works great in combination with out Stylized Magical Forest Pack,
  • Created and compatible with Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

2.0. Getting Started

All prefabs can be found in the Prefabs folder, organized into subfolders by categories. These prefabs can be simply dragged and dropped into your scene. Make sure to check out demo scenes as well, they can be found in Scenes folder.

2.1. Asset List

  • Buildings:
    • Cabins (3x)
    • Shed
    • Outhouse
  • Cabin Accessories:
    • Cabin Stairs
    • Overhang Roof (2x)
    • Doors (2x)
    • Entrance Beads
    • Windows (3x)
    • Window Shutters (2x)
    • Fence (3x)
    • Fence Gate
  • Furniture:
    • Bookshelf
    • Chair (2x)
    • Rocking Chair
    • Chest
    • Bed
    • Pillows (2x)
    • Bedside Table
    • Bench
    • Coffee Table
    • Table
    • Couch
    • Shelf (2x)
    • Carpet
  • Light Sources:
    • Candles (4x)
    • Fire Pit
    • Lantern
    • Fireplace with Chimney (2x)
    • Candleholder
    • Hanging Light Fixture
  • Various Props:
    • Wheelbarrow
    • Wall-mounted Antlers
    • Fire Pile
    • Broom
    • Bucket
    • Dustpan
    • Cast Iron Pan
    • Cauldron
    • Cooking Tripod
    • Fir Tree
    • Shrub
    • Grass Textures (3x)
    • Rustic Pot
    • Kettle
    • Fire Spit
    • Stove with Chimney
    • Picture Frame (3x)
    • Wooden Tub
    • Wooden Pile
    • Firewood (7x)
    • Wood Splitting Base
    • Hammer
    • Scythe
    • Saw
    • Axe
    • Billhook
    • Nails (3x)
    • Wall Hook
    • Horse Shoe

3.0. URP and HDRP Material Conversion (optional)

If you have your project configured to use Universal Render Pipeline, you can just go to Edit - Render Pipeline - Universal Render Pipeline - Upgrade Project materials To UniversalRP Materials. All materials will be converted to be used with URP.

Similarly, if you have your project configured to use the High Definition Render Pipeline, you can navigate to Edit - Render Pipeline - Upgrade from Builtin pipeline - Upgrade Project Materials to High Definition Materials. All materials will be converted to be used with HDRP.

4.0. Support

Please write us to [email protected] for any additional information or support.

Made with ❤️and lots of ☕.