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Stylized Jungle Temple Pack

This Unity asset pack contains a variety of jungle-themed assets, including stylized models of jungle vegetation, such as trees, bushes, and plants. Additionally, it includes modular temple pieces and other environment assets, such as rocks and boulders, that can be used to create a believable and immersive jungle setting in your Unity project. With this pack, you'll be able to create a variety of different jungle scenes, from dense rainforests to ancient temples hidden deep in the jungle.

1.0. Key Features

  • Create lush stylized jungle environments
  • Create jungle temples with modular pieces
  • 89 Various prefabs (check detailed list below):
    • Environment (Boulders, Bricks, Rocks, Roots, Ruins)
    • Vegetation (Bushes, Clover Plants, Ferns, Trees, Palms)
    • Temple (Modular Walls and Entrances, Stairs, Pillars, Firestands etc.)
    • Temple Props (Chests, Coins, Ruin Pieces)
    • Particles (Fire)
    • Stylized Grass Texture
  • Moss and Moss-less versions of prefabs
  • Optimized custom mesh colliders
  • Level of Detail meshes,
  • Created and compatible with Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

2.0. Getting Started

All prefabs can be found in the Prefabs folder, organized into subfolders by categories. These prefabs can be simply dragged and dropped into your scene. Make sure to check out demo scenes as well, they can be found in Scenes folder.

2.1. Asset List

  • Ancient Treasure Chest,
  • Ancient Treasure Chest Cover,
  • Ancient Treasure Chest Full,
  • Big Pillar Ruin,
  • Boulder (2x),
  • Bush (4x),
  • Chest,
  • Chest Cover,
  • Chest Full,
  • Clover Plant (6x),
  • Dungeon Pillar Broken,
  • Dungeon Pillar,
  • Dungeon Wall (2x),
  • Dungeon Wall Entrance,
  • Dungeon Wall Separation Pillar (3x),
  • Ferns (3x),
  • Fire Stand,
  • Gold Coin,
  • Ground Bricks,
  • Ivy (2x),
  • Jungle Tree (3x),
  • Palm Tree (3x),
  • Monstera (4x),
  • Rock Small (3x),
  • Rock Medium (2x),
  • Roots (2x),
  • Log,
  • Small Ground Ruin,
  • Small Pillar Ruin,
  • Small Stairs,
  • Treasure Chest Podium,
  • Wall,
  • Fire (2x).

3.0. URP and HDRP Material Conversion (optional)

If you have your project configured to use Universal Render Pipeline, you can just go to Edit - Render Pipeline - Universal Render Pipeline - Upgrade Project materials To UniversalRP Materials. All materials will be converted to be used with URP.

Similarly, if you have your project configured to use the High Definition Render Pipeline, you can navigate to Edit - Render Pipeline - Upgrade from Builtin pipeline - Upgrade Project Materials to High Definition Materials. All materials will be converted to be used with HDRP.

If you encounter pink materials you can check our guide on our blog on how to convert URP made assets to Built-in (Unity's Default Render Pipeline) here:


4.0. Support

Please write us to [email protected] for any additional information or support.

Check sunbox.games for more asset packs made for Unity.

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