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Modular Dungeon: Ancient Ruins Documentation

Introducing highly detailed pack of modular dungeon pieces and various set dressing objects. With these assets you can quickly create dungeon levels. These assets work best if you are creating a first-person dungeon crawler. Assets are highly optimized and were made using Universal Render Pipeline (URP). You can easily convert them to HDRP or built-in render pipeline if needed.

1.0. Getting Started

All prefabs can be found in the Prefabs folder. Other various set dressing prefabs are located in their respective folders. These prefabs can be simply dragged and dropped into your scene. Make sure to check out demo scenes as well, they can be found in Scenes folder.

1.1. Detailed Contents

Asset Count Type Description
Modular Pieces 20 Mesh Large modular pieces with which you can create unique dungeon levels
Rubble 8 Mesh Various broken pieces
Light Sources 17 Mesh Firepit, Stone Stands with Fire or Crystal lightning
Fire 3 SFX Particles for fire
Plants 31 Mesh A variety of placable plants
Furniture 4 Mesh Basic furniture pieces
Other Placables 11 Mesh Containers and exterior placables

Included assets:

Large Atrium (2x), Medium Chamber (3x), Medium Corridor (3x), Medium Plug (2x), Medium Stairs (2x), Medium to Small Adapter (1x), Small Chamber (2x), Small Chamber (2x), Small Corridor (2x), Small Plug (1x), Small Staircase (2x), Broken Wall Pieces (3x), Broken Pillars (2x), Small Rubble (3x), Stone Light Stands (2x), Stone Mounted Stand (1x), Firepit (1x), Crystal Lightning (4x), Fire Lightning (5x), Fire Particles (3x), Begonia Plant (3x), Fern (3x), Ivy Bunch (3x), Ivy Plant (4x), Ivy Vine (4x), Placable Moss (4x), Shruberry (6x), Vines (4x), Stone Chair (2x), Stone Bench (1x), Stone Table (1x), Fountain (1x), Well (1x), Gazebo (2x), Stone Chest (1x), Stone Pots (2x), Stone Urns (2x), Stone Shrine (1x)


Textures sizes from 256 to 8k,

Poly count from 8 to 171k.

2.0. URP and HDRP Material Conversion (optional)

If you have your project configured to use Universal Render Pipeline, you can just go to Edit - Render Pipeline - Universal Render Pipeline - Upgrade Project materials To UniversalRP Materials. All materials will be converted to be used with URP.

Similarly, if you have your project configured to use the High Definition Render Pipeline, you can navigate to Edit - Render Pipeline - Upgrade from Builtin pipeline - Upgrade Project Materials to High Definition Materials. All materials will be converted to be used with HDRP.

To enable URP or HDPR download it via Package Manager.

3.0. Support

Please write us to [email protected] for any additional information or support.

Made with ❤️and lots of ☕.